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Yoga & Psychology

1 on 1

We listen deeply to allow that what needs to happen to establish yourself in your heart, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness. Yogapsychology is effective in coping with mental, physical and spiritual transformations and challenges in our life.

Kundalini Yoga School

The Kundalini Yoga School supports the growth of your awareness with videos & livestreams of yoga-sets and meditations. Online guided courses help to integrate your experiences and insights gained on the yoga mat into your daily life.

1 on 1

Growth of awareness, vitality & joy

1 on 1 sessions support the shift of attention from head to heart. In other words, instead of listening to our thoughts only, we start to recognise the guidance coming from within. We start acting upon the thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns that support our growth of awareness, vitality & joy.

Sessions provide support in the following situations:

If you want unique personal guidance with your online daily yoga/ meditation practice (Sadhana), together we choose the right practice for you.

If you experience (too) much physical and/ or mental stress and tension (burn-out), I will help you to relax.

If you find it difficult to experience emotions (such as anger, frustration, sadness, joy, etc.), I will help you to feel and express them constructively.

If you are experiencing panic attacks and/ or experience strong fears, then together we work on building a trust and confidence.

If the need for more spirituality grows in your life, I give you guidance and techniques to achieve this.


We reflect upon your question and look at it from different perspectives for deeper understanding and conscious action.


Regulation of breath sets the foundation for meditation and our daily life. The optimalisation of our breath increases awareness. 


With Yoga postures (asanas) and/or a  breathing, mental focus, hand positions and sound we are able to influence body and mind.


Rhythm and sound has a strong effect on our nervous system and influences our mental and physical condition. Sound is vibration and it vibrates the cells of our body and mind.

The following values apply in 1 on 1 sessions

Taking responsibility for your transformation

Yoga psychology invites you to reflect upon your choices and actions and encourages you to take responsibility for your transformation. 

Training to focus your attention

A regular meditation practice strengthens our attention. The ability to shift our focus consciously makes it possible to make behavioral changes.

Becoming comfortable with the discomforts

Moments of transformation are often accompanied with feelings of restlessness and discomfort. Instead of trying to move away from it, we courageously face and feel discomforts that are pointing to the roots of our suffering.

No previous experience required

The techniques are for everyone to use and easy to implement in different situations. Previous experience is not required. No worries, the excersices are adjusted to your level of experience.

About me

An early fascination for the human mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I practised Yoga & Meditation, which helped me recover from a physical knee injury and introduced me to a new awareness of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations.

I did two research projects on the effect of Yoga & Meditation on well-being. The first was about the effect of Mindfulness Meditations on Stress and Well-being (2008), and the second one about the effect of Guided Meditation on Stress recovery (2010). Both studies showed positive results. I obtained my Masters degree in Work & Health Psychology (MSc.).

Currently I teach Yoga & Meditation in Amsterdam and on our online platform: Kundalini Yoga School. Besides group sessions I am available for 1 on 1 counseling sessions. International Yoga retreats & journeys I organize with Marieke at inspiring locations worldwide. 


Tim showed me how blockages in my body refer to challenges on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Tim linked my thought patterns, daily struggles and the big questions of life by simply listening to my story and giving them back in return. Tim is bright, loving, direct and intuitive. He shows me what I actually know, but what my own stories and thought patterns usually disguise. Each session I left full of inspiration and with fresh understanding!” Floor

“I think Tim’s approach is original. It feels nice to really have one-on-one contact with your yoga teacher. He immediately brings focus. Then he gave tips on the basis of a yoga exercise. I do this every day now and I take better care of myself. Tim guides us very honestly, carefully, lovingly and extensively and I experience this as very special. And the yoga, the emotional release, the heart-opening exercises and mantras, the mental support, and then also plenty of advice about nutrition!  I am very grateful.” Evelien

“In a short time, Tim helped me pragmatically. In the session the focus was on the now and how I could help myself to worry less about the past, and in my case the future. Tim held up a mirror that kept bringing me back to the now. I now also do a short meditation daily which makes it easier to let go of control and to open myself better emotionally.” Tim 


the science of Mind


Yoga is more than stretching and flexing the body. Yogis with high states of consciousness were able to perceive the subtle realms of the mind in its totality.

This is how Yoga Psychology emerged as a science. It deals with the subtleties of life and explains us how to apply this universal knowledge in our busy lifes.

I find the workings of our mind fascinating, but so little do we know about it’s functioning and potential. I think this should become mainstream knowledge for everyone. The more I learn about it, the more it changes my life; and I have seen how it transforms others too.

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